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Post Production Station


Watch inventive and original music video series produced by composer and arranger George Luton in collaboration with an international community of artists


Two brothers who grew up playing Disney and musical theatre songs together. Still at it.

A Disney mashup by The Luton Brothers featuring songs "How Far I'll Go" from Moana and "Let it Go" from Frozen
The Luton Brothers (arranger George Luton and producer Max Luton)

Join "Meloge" as the trio joyously sings a series of site-specific "cannons" in the round!

Meloge sings the medieval English rota "Sumer is icumen in" at Saltonstall Park in Watertown, MA

Coming Soon...

Something New

Producer and Animator Theresa Kikuchi
Composer and Music Director George Luton

An animated short with a story by visual artist Theresa Kikuchi is brought vibrantly to life with three original songs by composer George Luton. Far from their planet of origin, two new friends navigate belonging and assimilation while discovering what it takes to make a home.

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