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Meet the producers, playwrights, lyricists, and librettists George works with to create musical theatre

City Skyline

BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop Writing Partners

Through the Broadcast Music Incorporated songwriting program, George had the opportunity to compose in tandem with an incredible cohort of talented lyricists and librettists.


Andrea J. Love

"No Big Deal"


Artemis Montague

"You Wouldn't Do That to Me"


R. J. Christian

"Good Time Money"


Diallo Adams

"Funsy, Fancy, and Free"


Julia Riew

"Pure Fantasy"

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 12.12.38 PM.png

Chesney Snow

"A World of You"


Rachel Aberman

"Roommate Horror Story"

BMI Collaborators
Above the Clouds

Emily Drossell

As a musical theatre writing team, librettist Emily Drossell and composer and lyricist George Luton, craft exhilarating narrative experiences through the integration of story and score.

Their dramaturgical approach enables them to connect characters and themes across time and space, allowing for a critical examination of the worlds in which their stories occur as well as that of their audiences.

Take My HandEmily Drossell & George Luton
00:00 / 01:51
Emily Drossell
Jay Pension
Nate Punches
Forest Scene

Katie Clarke  Jay Pension  Nate Punches

Producer and playwright Jay Pension and librettist Nate Punches teamed with lyricist Katie Clarke and songwriter George Luton to create a series of musical fairy tales, each of which turns its source content on its head as it delves deep into the human heart, questioning the truths of love, vengeance, good, and evil that have fascinated storytellers for generations.

“They’ve done a deep dive into the emotional life of each of these characters and examined their motivations, their relationships with each other and themselves, and how they change positions over time...You can never quite settle in. The characters keep turning these little corners and surprising you.”

Musical Theatre Writing Team George Luton (music/lyrics), Jay Pension (Book), Katie Clarke (Lyrics), and Nate Punches (Book)
Katie Clarke (lyricist), Jay Pension (playwright), and Nate Punches (librettist), composer George Luton's musical theatre writing partners
Katie Clarke
Katie Clarke (writer/teacher/bookwriter)

Katie Clarke

In addition to their collaborations with Pension and Punches, George Luton and Katie Clarke have worked together to create adventurous narratives charged with unapologetic emotion and soaring music.

Musical Theatre Writing Partners George Luton (music/lyrics) and Katie Clarke (book)

“We have a new Rodgers and Hammerstein in Luton and Clarke!”

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